Booty for Baby has a mission!

We want to bring you the very best in baby shower ideas and unique baby gifts for every kind of baby.  No crib will be left unturned, and no toy untouched as we bring you great new ideas for…
  • baby gifts,
  • cool baby clothes,
  • some baby names and meanings
  • baby shower decorations,
  • baby shower invitations,
  • and baby shower games … all chosen to help to please the dad and mom-to-be.

Is she expecting a…

…Green Baby?  We’ll find you the best in organic clothing and bedding, wholesome baby food, and eco-friendly cleaning products for the all natural nursery.

…Brilliant Baby?  Did you know there are programs to help your baby get a head start on reading? Learn to communicate with you before they can talk? All the best brain development toys for the smartest baby around.

… Geeky Baby? This baby can be spotted by his pretty floral bonnet or her Yoda baby cap, the One Teething Ring to Rule Them All clenched tight in a precious little fist, and that bib with the bow tie labeled “food timey wimey” around their neck. Mom and Dad may be wearing matching brown coats.

…Gender Neutral Baby? Mom and Dad don’t want Baby put in a box. If it’s color coded pink or blue, they don’t want it! We’ll help you find those unisex clothes and decorations that leave this kid’s options wide open.

…All Boy Baby?  Everything is boy, boy, boy for this baby. No pink allowed. We’ve all met this baby! He’s wearing camo or his dad’s favorite sports team jersey, and sleeping in the crib that looks like a sports car.

…Princess Baby?  For every All Boy Baby, there is a Princess Baby. If it’s pink, purple, or sparkly, she is going to want it. We’ll help you get her ready for the ball.

…Upscale Baby?  Only the best will do for this baby. We’ll help you find the designer label baby clothes, the cleverest accoutrements, and the classiest decor.

…Wild Child Baby? This kind of baby won’t fit in a mold. You’ve got your Rock Baby, your Punk Baby, your Halloween Baby and your Biker Baby all competing to see who can be the most awesome baby around. We’ll help you find cool baby clothes, sweet rides and rockin’ decorations that are sure to please these bad-to-the-bone babes.

…Nature Baby?  This kid is going to need the latest in outdoor gear to go along with Mom and Dad as they hike, bike, jog and swim.  We’ll help you find the newest and safest in baby stuff to keep this baby happy indoors or out.

…Mystical Baby — This baby is destined to bring something magical into this world! We’ll help you prepare for this magical miracle babe with New Age decorations, cosmic clothing, and baby names with special meaning.

 We hope you find something for every type of baby here at!  If you don’t, please leave us a note so we can track it down!




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